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Raise the Stakes With Your Post-Christmas Clearance Sale

A Gambler’s Sale makes every day a bet for your customers.





Once the clock strikes 12 on Christmas Eve, the race is on to move any seasonal or other time-sensitive merchandise as quickly as possible. To help you, consider a “Gambler’s Sale.” The idea is that you increase the discounts every day, while making clear you have only a limited number of each piece. Your customer base then gambles on how long they should wait before they pounce to claim the item.

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Why This Jeweler Chose Wilkerson

Mark Lauer is the owner of Mark Michael Diamond Designs, the Minnesota-based jewelry gallery known for exceptional and uniquely designed diamond jewelry. Though he loved creating the beautiful jewelry his business was known for, retirement was an exciting alternative to the 60+ hours a week he’d spent building it up. He called Wilkerson to help with a retirement sale. “I did talk to two other companies, but I just didn’t feel they offered the same services that Wilkerson did,” he says. “I knew Wilkerson had the expertise to follow through and give me the service and results that I wanted. They’re the number one rock stars in this industry.”

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