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INSTORE Live 2021



Want to buy more effectively in 2021? Get more out of your inventory reports? Spend your time wisely at the shows? Then don’t miss our second installment of INSTORE Live, a virtual event geared to help jewelry retailers polish their buying and merchandising skills, including getting more from your vendor partnerships, finding weak spots in your inventory mix, maximizing your top categories, buying the right new lines at the right time, and being more efficient at the shows.

This one-day event, hosted and curated by INSTORE’s editorial team, will include four sessions filled to the brim with advice, tips and tricks for improving your buying and merchandising, with a mix of experts and retailers who will share best practices and advanced strategies that take the guesswork out of inventory management.

Register today to take advantage of early bird pricing! Your ticket includes access to session replays, available through July 2022, as well as an exclusive downloadable e-book of INSTORE articles and columns dedicated to buying and merchandising

Don’t miss your chance to buy like a boss in 2021 … and beyond!

INSTORE Live 2021


INSTORE Live 2021
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INSTORE Live 2021
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INSTORE Live 2021
HardRock Summit is a new trade show event designed to bring the jewelry, gemstone, mineral and fossils industries, enthusiasts and collectors together like never before.


Check out our current lineup of sessions and speakers to help you learn How to Buy Like A Boss:


JULY 27, 2021
  • 11 a.m. EDT How to Use Data to Maximize Inventory Performance and Buying
    Whether you’re attending trade shows or not, the key to successful buying lies in your past performance. Sherry Smith and retail panelists will dive into the numbers to explain how to make the most of your budget, including how to calculate your open-to-buy, what data is most important (and what data is overvalued), how to address needs with existing vendors, how to adjust your merchandising mix based on your clients’ buying habits, what to look for before investing in a new line, and more.

    Panelists: Jonathan Zemmol, The Yellow Door (three stores in NY and NJ); Kathleen Hagood, Croghan’s Jewel Box (Charleston, SC); Sophie Shor, Roman Jewelers (Bridgewater, NJ); Holly Wesche, Wesche Jewelers (Melbourne, FL)

    Moderator: Sherry Smith, director of business development, Edge Retail Academy

    INSTORE Live 2021 INSTORE Live 2021 INSTORE Live 2021 INSTORE Live 2021

  • 12:15 p.m. EDT How to Make the Most of Your Time at the Trade Shows
    You’re making the investment to attend a trade show: It’s important to get the most out of that investment. In this session moderated by INSTORE Editor-in-Chief Trace Shelton, consultant Megan Crabtree and store owners Harvey Rovinsky and Harris Botnick will share best practices and advice on how to best prepare for appointments, work with team members to cover the show, address marketing with vendors, and manage your time to visit existing vendors and see new product, all while keeping abreast of what’s happening back home in the store.

    Panelists: Megan Crabtree, Crabtree Consulting; Harris Botnick, Worthmore Jewelers, Atlanta, GA; Harvey Rovinsky, Bernie Robbins Jewelers, five stores in NJ & PA

    Moderator: Trace Shelton

    INSTORE Live 2021 INSTORE Live 2021 INSTORE Live 2021 INSTORE Live 2021

  • 3 p.m. EDT How to Apply Corporate-Level Merchandising Strategies to the Independent Jeweler
    So you have the data from your point-of-sale system — now what? Nan Lung Palmer will show you how to crack the most important information from your reports to help you maximize profitability and productivity from your inventory. By taking a deep dive into sales-to-stock ratio, average unit sale (AUS) and style productivity, Palmer will explain how you can uncover the hidden “hot spots” of categories and products to make them even more productive, as well as how you can save money and streamline your efforts in areas where you’ve over-invested.

    Speaker: Nan Lung Palmer, owner/managing director of FACEts

    INSTORE Live 2021

  • 4:15 p.m. EDT How to Choose the Right New Line for Your Store
    With thousands of jewelry lines available for retail, how do store owners choose just the right new collection for their business? In this session, viewers will hear from store owners with a track record of getting in ahead of the curve with the hottest jewelry lines and designers. They will share their decision-making processes and what they look for in jewelry collections to determine which will best connect with their clients and achieve strong sell-through.

    Panelists: Jim Rosenheim, CEO, Tiny Jewel Box (Washington, DC); Karen Hollis, owner/designer, K.Hollis Jewelers (Batavia, IL); TBA

    Moderator: Trace Shelton

    INSTORE Live 2021 INSTORE Live 2021 INSTORE Live 2021

INSTORE Live 2021