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Midas: Give Joy Gift Gold

Midas: Give Joy Gift Gold

Midas: Give Joy Gift Gold
From the Gold Mariner Links Collection in 14K yellow gold: Puffed Mariner 21mm 8” bracelet. MSRP: $1,815; Mariner Paper Clip 7.5” bracelet. MSRP: $795; oval Mariner 18” necklace. MSRP: $2,115; oval Mariner 13.8mm 18.5” necklace. MSRP: $4,740


The Midas Gift Guide was created for One Reason: To Make Customers Happy

Midas creates designs for minimalists and maximalists alike. The Midas Gift Guide was crafted to target everyone for the holiday season, with pavé diamonds, personalized sweet nothings and chunky gold chains to everything in between. Like every gift, there’s a special rarity behind Midas jewelry. Nothing compares. Midas jewelry is handcrafted with care and delivered with a purpose. Midas wants stores to sell these pieces to their customers so they can style them in their own unique way.

Midas’ statement pieces and minimalist styles bring life to accessorizing. Midas has gems, solid metals, timeless classics and coveted styles that will last a lifetime. To highlight a few, Midas’ Locks and Links collection encapsulates a mix of sleek, chunky, shimmery gold chains that allow customers to stand out. This includes an array of traditional pieces and more stand-alone statement makers. Most importantly, what makes this collection so remarkable are the specialty locks Midas offers, especially their diamond accented and heart shaped locks. To Midas, jewelry is a non-verbal declaration of self. There’s nothing like a fresh set of jewels to dress up your ear stack or layer a neckline.

With trends coming and going, it’s tough to decipher what’s hot and what’s not. Luckily, Midas has a hands-on design team so they’re always one step ahead of releasing the next best thing. The forefront of this industry isn’t solely based on one thing – it’s about timing and authenticity. Midas has inseparable everyday pieces as well as the ones you roll out the red carpet for. Glamour is key for the creative and with so many duplicates and similarities, Midas designs pieces that differentiates them from the rest.

Midas: Give Joy Gift Gold

Black enamel is the reason for the season. Shop holiday gifts from Midas’ Color Romance collection.

Midas prides itself on making customers happy. It’s important to offer variety: Some customers like tradition over trends. Others want color and contrast, which is why Midas created their Color Romance collection. This collection has all things enamel, the mood boosters and fun styles.

With the holiday season fast approaching, nothing says gifts like a forever chain. Midas’ permanent chains give the gift of jewelry and memories. It’s a forever spark that brings joy and adds style to a wrist stack. Midas’ So You collection is the perfect stocking stuffer. Small and dainty motifs in gold is the gift every woman and girl wants to unwrap this holiday season.



Midas: Give Joy Gift Gold

Dress an ear stack with versatile hoops and huggies made in 14K gold.

Midas: Give Joy Gift Gold

Bold looks call for pavé Diamond Pear locks and chunky layered chains. Shop Midas’ Locks and Links collection for more. Assortment made in 14K gold.